This article was first published on Medium on the 15th of June 2018. Introduction I think The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous will be a milestone in the slow realization of what Bitcoin is, digital sound money, and why it is at least a subversion of the current monetary system, or more likely a revolution in the monetary realm. In this book, Saifedean mentions the historical study of hyperinflation episodes by Hanke and Bushnell, and make his point that every one of them occurred during the era of government paper-money, with one exception being “the inflation in France in 1795, in the wake of the Mississippi Bubble, which was also produced through government money and engineered by the honorary father[…]


Il y a 62 ans jour pour jour, la révolte la plus importante qu’ait connue le système concentrationnaire soviétique était écrasée dans le sang à Kenguir, au Kazakhstan. Comme souvent sur l’histoire du Goulag, nous disposons de peu d’informations sur l’événement autre que celles rapportées par Soljenitsyne dans L’Archipel du Goulag, qui se fonde sur les témoignages qu’il a pu rassembler clandestinement pendant des années d’enquête en URSS.