“We live one click away from wreckdom”, once said a wise Bitcoin patriarch. And indeed all it took was a single click to ruin my LND node, with the very real possibility of some funds being gone for good. I eventually took it back, but it was not easy, so I’ll summarize my experience here for brothers that might do the wrong click one day too.

Detroit bank ruins

[ADD-ON 03/10] BTCPay just released a new easy setup installation with Lunanode, more info here. Since my last post about BTCPay, there’s a lot that have been going on, and from today I run my own server on mainnet at https://btcpay.sosthene.net/. Feel free to suscribe on it and use it for any purpose you like.

Tl; dr : it’s gonna be huge, but don’t run it on an old shitty laptop. I’ve discovered BTCPay existence by listening to Nicola’s talk this summer in Lisbon, and last month I decided to give it a try. Besides understanding how it works, I’d like to use it to enable bitcoins donations through the LN on my personal blog.