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[ADD-ON 03/10] BTCPay just released a new easy setup installation with Lunanode, more info here.

Since my last post about BTCPay, there’s a lot that have been going on, and from today I run my own server on mainnet at

Feel free to suscribe on it and use it for any purpose you like.

Why I decided to stop running BTCPay on my home server

I decided to follow Nicolas Dorier’s advice and subscribe to a plan at Lunanode, which seems to work great so far.

While absolutely doable, I abandoned my original idea to run it on my own home server principally for privacy reason, as I thought that exposing my personal IP address not only with BTCPay, but also with the bitcoin and LND nodes that run within wouldn’t be the smartest idea.

The second reason is that if you process payment for others, you need to do it reliably. I’m not qualified for that, and since my shitty server experienced all kind of issues since I started running it, I thought it might not be a good idea to take it to mainnet.

Nicolas is thinking about adding tor to BTCPay though, so my concern might become irrelevant one day.

Mission accomplished !

Since I have my own BTCPay server now, I can also receive Lightning payment. My original goal was to find a way to get tips though Lightning on this blog, and it is done now.

Let me introduce you to the pay button :

By clicking on this little picture, my own BTCPay server will generate an invoice for a Lightning payment of 1000 satoshis that will open in a new page. How cool is that ?

That will notably help me pay for this blog and Lunanode hostings, and you will make a good deed that won’t be forgotten !

(You can also find the same button and another one for larger, on chain donation on this page.)

What’s next ?

I don’t know, I’ll see if I can contribute more to the project, and see if someone uses my server.

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